Frequently asked questions for Professional Advisers

How is Peer Funding different to other Peer-to-Business (P2B) sites?

Peer Funding is a multi-lending product site unlike most competitor P2B sites who only offer 1 or 2 products. Investors and Borrowers can therefore choose the products that best suit their particular requirements, rather than have to trawl around several sites.

We also offer selected Professional Adviser Partners a true partnership by channeling direct borrower enquiries to the nearest local Partner. Our brochure “A new approach to Professional Adviser partnerships” gives full details – if you have not yet received a copy please contact us.

How do Peer Funding select our Professional Introducer Partners?

Peer Funding is looking for regionally based brokers who are normally members of the NACFB to work with us. We ideally wish to find firms who have been established for 2+ years and advise clients across the full range of business borrowing sectors. Contact us for an initial discussion!

What commission can I earn and when will I get paid?

Our commission and fee terms are detailed in the “A new approach to Professional Adviser partnerships” brochure.

How can I communicate with you?

You can communicate with us via e-mail at any time, or by telephone, face to face, or via Skype during business hours

What do you offer in terms of reciprocal introductions?

Peer Funding will refer all direct borrower enquiries which meet our initial qualifying criteria back to the nearest local Partner in order that you can establish contact and start to discuss their borrowing needs and agree the terms of their application.

What happens if one of my clients is late paying or defaults?

We will notify you at the earliest possible stage should one of your clients indicate difficulty in meeting repayment terms. You and Peer Funding will act together to try to resolve the problems.

How can I monitor my clients on your site?

Once registered you will be able to access your own personal Professional Adviser Dashboard. Here you can see details of each of your clients investments and be able to track repayments and your earnings.

Can I lend or borrow on your platform?

Yes. As long as lending is not the primary purpose of your business it is possible to invest across the Peer Funding platform. You will need to register separately as an investor. For any business that is carrying out lending as a business, please contact us separately.

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