Fair Deal Charter

Peer Funding Limited wants to establish a relationship of openness, trust, and respect with all its customers, be they borrowers, investors, or advisors.


For this reason we have prepared our “Fair Deal Charter”, that seeks to present our approach to business in a series of simple and clear statements.


We will treat all customers fairly, in all circumstances, as per our TCF Policy


1) We will protect your personal information at all times, as per our Data Protection Policy


2) We will respect your personal privacy at all times, as per our Privacy Policy


3) We will treat all complaints promptly and seek a satisfactory resolution wherever possible, as per our Complaints Policy [link to policy]


4) We will keep all uncommitted client funds in a dedicated Client Fund Account, separate from PFL’s own trading account, thereby protected from bankruptcy should PFL fail for any reason.


5) We will notify customers of risks involved in P2B business transactions at each key stage in their dealings with PFL


6) We will provide information and explanation on our site in clear, “Plain English” form, avoiding the use of jargon or technical terms wherever possible.


7) We will inform customers of each form of lending security offered on every transaction appearing on the PFL auction site


8) We will set out our charges in the form of fees and commissions clearly and openly, before asking a customer to commit to a transaction.


9) We will comply with all rules and regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority, by whom we are authorised to trade and who monitor our activities on an ongoing basis.

Legal, Decent, Honest, and Truthful are our watchwords in all dealings with our customers

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